The Importance of Efficient Feedback and Its Benefits to Greater Success

What is Feedback?
Feedback can be defined as reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. In this passage, I’m focusing specifically on verbally communicative feedback given to others at work.
I have recently noticed that many people have a negative connotation when talking about feedback. They look at feedback as their manager or peer telling them just a little bit about what they did well and a lot about the faults in their performance. Generally, that is what happens, and then people waist time focusing on their faults for the rest of the week because they don’t want to mess up again because they are afraid to be fired. Does that sound very efficient?…
How can Feedback be given so it is efficient?
There are two keys to giving efficient feedback:
1   Only Observations
When you give efficient feedback, you should only speak about we you observed. You must talk about what happened; that is the actions that take place, the actions that the person did. You can’t read the mind of your employee or co-worker, so don’t act like you know what they were thinking. Only mention what you objectively observed.
2  Positivity
Efficient feedback is always positive. Mention the observations as things that were done well and on what can be improved. Don’t use the word “no” or “not”. Negative comments do not permit improvement, rather positive ones are needed. This will allow the other person to focus on how they can get better and improve instead of wasting time focusing on their faults.
Why should Efficient Feedback be given?
Many benefits come from giving efficient feedback. I have explained a few of them below.
          Better Communication
By keeping your efficient feedback completely positive and only focused on observations, you will get the message you want to deliver across to the other person more effectively. Furthermore, the person to whom you are giving feedback will feel more comfortable talking with you because you don’t destroy them by giving negative compliments. Efficient feedback allows you to create valuable communication among you and others.
          Greater Motivation
Not only will your co-worker or employee will be more motivated, but also you will. Their focus and your focus changes to the positive outcomes that are possible. You both will become more motivated to achieve the outcome instead of put down thinking about the negative things done in the past that can’t be changed. You become more motivated for future improvements
          Personal Improvement
Once again this is a mutual benefit for you and your employee or co-worker. By defining what can be improved and creating more motivation to achieve the outcome, you have empowered yourself and the other person. You both become more aware. When someone is more aware, they tend to make better decisions, thus leading to better actions and better results. Efficient feedback creates awareness, which gives a person more power to improve their self and stressful situations.
          Innovative Learning
You have defined what to improve, increased motivation to achieve the positive outcome, and you have empowered yourself and your employee or co-worker. The focus has already been changed to the future. You will no longer be focused on the negative past actions (that can’t be changed), rather the future, which we create. Past actions become moments of learning, nothing else, and then, the focus is on improvement, permitting creativity and 

Along with the above benefits, more advantages like problem-solving, better projects, more progress, increased productivity, organizational growth, etc. are gained.
Give Efficient Feedback and you will see how your conversations become not only more useful for the people in the conversation and the organization itself, but also conversations will be more enjoyable.

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