Successful Projects in Four Simple Steps

How do you feel when you complete a project with flying colors or when you successfully accomplish a tough goal? What does SUCCESS feel like to you?
Our entire life is filled with projects and trying to meet our goals. Here are four simple steps to accomplish projects and allow yourself to feel joy of success.
1.   Your Ultimate VISION

Once you have your idea. You need to create your ending point. A lot of people start with the first step, but it tends to take longer, and sometimes is not very successful. After all, how useful is a GPS without entering the address? You need to figure out what you want to do with the idea and where do you want to end up. Visualize it using all of your senses. Give it a purpose. This will give you not only a clearer view of the end product, but also more motivation to accomplish it.

2.   Mighty ACTION Plan
Now that we have the address plugged into the GPS, we can make the route to getting there. In this plan, keep it simple; chunk similar activities together. By chunking small actions into larger actions, you will become more efficient with time management. Thus, you can constantly make progress, finishing the project more quickly and effectively. Don’t forget to give yourself a due date. Having a deadline is what makes your vision become a real project.
3.   Constructive ANALYSIS
Examine your plan. Think about the effects on other parts of your life and/or business if you do all the steps perfectly. Be slightly pedantic. Driving with a GPS, sometimes we know a quicker or easier route. Utilize your past learnings in order to be sure that your real project to have a practical set of steps to your vision.
4.   Extraordinary RESILIENCE

Maybe you make a wrong turn, then the GPS gives you a new route. You make a mistake, change the plan. One part of the project gets rejected, keep trying. Make it better. You have to remember the purpose of your vision, don’t let rejections, mistakes nor doubts stop you from creating success. Resilience is the key to SUCCESS.

I challenge you to follow these steps. Let me know how they work in a comment below. If you need some guidance or would like some help, contact me. I’m always up for a challenge.

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