Four Key Concepts to Well-Executed Leadership

When I first moved to Santiago de Chile, I started teaching English. I created an English program within a company that hired me to teach their employees English to allow the company to expand its border into international markets. The program was made to be focused on learning English in a way relative to the company itself. In order to do such a thing, I had to learn more about the company.
With my background in social psychology, I did a study, using Social Network Analysis, on the company’s internal communication in order to find out more about how the company works and who the unknown leaders were. One unexpected result that I came across was the lack of well-executed leadership within the company. I narrowed it down to four important concepts that could be incorporated in companies with poor leadership.

1 Leadership must promote Efficient Feedback

Many people tend to confuse the idea of feedback with being a negative critic. Good effective Feedback has two basic principles. Firstly, feedback should only be based on observation. Feedback is not making assumptions. It’s a concrete tool, you need to prove what you say based solely on what you observed. Secondly, feedback must ALWAYS be positive. Feedback NEVER mentions what you did poorly. Negative comments do not permit improvement, rather positive ones are needed. In short, efficient feedback must be based on our observations, and we should only comment on what was done well and on what can be improved.

2 Leadership must be Adaptable

I am tired of hearing about management and leadership styles. People define what their style is, leading to a belief that they will always be like that. Frankly, I think it is promoting poor leadership. A leader is simply a person who steps up and leads where and when a leader is needed. A leader must adapt himself to each situation in order to find out what is missing, and then incorporate the missing piece effectively so the desired result can be achieved.

3 Leadership must be Actively Present

Leaders need to be present in the situation. A leader cannot simply give orders and envision ideas. A leader that doesn’t participate in the work can’t fully understand the situation in order to fix it. Furthermore, they will also lose credibility as a resourceful leader. They need to be active in processes with the team in order to handle a situation accordingly. Well-executed leadership develops from active participation.

4 Leadership must be Consistent

Maintaining efficient feedback, adaptability and actively participating is necessary. Consistency is extremely important to maintain committed and loyal employees and team members. When the leader is not consistent, the rest of the members are being taught that it’s okay to be inconsistent, which will lead to many more problems. Consistency keeps a good leader a leader.
In summary, it is essential to maintain good leadership in order for a company to be successful. Reflecting on the leadership in your organization according to these concepts could benefit you tremendously. Please share any results or comments in the comment section below.

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