Excellent Teams are like the Perfect Supreme Pizza

The Dough – A Shared Goal

A shared goal within a team is the base of a good team, just like the dough for a pizza. It stabilizes all the ingredients. Without the dough, one can’t have a pizza, it’s simply a big mess. As in a team, without a goal, nobody knows what they are working towards, and it’s a big mess. Having a common goal gives each member a clear view on what they are “baking.”
However, the key word here is SHARED. Each member needs to agree on the goal, after all not everyone likes thin crust… It becomes a whole pizza, not just individual slices when everyone agrees. It is now a team, not just a group of people. Make your employees’ shared objective as clear as possible to have a strong base for the group to become a team.
The Sauce – Measurable Accountability
Have you ever seen a pizza with all the sauce one or two slices? It would probably be a better pizza if every slice had some sauce, right? Yes, and a team functions more efficiently when everybody works together, instead of just one or two people doing all the work. Team members need to be held responsible for their own work. Every member needs to be accountable for something in which progress can be objectively seen. Hold members accountable and responsible for their work, and participate in a more productive team.
The Cheese – Commitment
Imagine that you are pulling two pieces of pizzas apart. What is the last part of the pizza that comes apart? The cheese! The cheese is the most committed part of the pizza; there is always some cheese hanging on the side. Keep the team connected and committed. Team members are more reliable and will give their best more often to reach the objective. When your team is committed to each other and to the shared goal, it produces good communication, team support and a drive that allows them to accomplish their goals.
The Meats – Clearly Defined Roles
The most prominent thing on pizza are the meats. You can always point out the sausage, pepperoni or ham. It’s usually clear to know what type of meat is on the pizza. Members of a team need to have the clarity to what their job is. Having clarity on what their job is prevents conflict and the “blame game.” Define the roles and responsibilities for all team members, and they will work effectively.
The Veggies – Flexibility
What vegetables do you like on your pizza? All of them. It just depends on the person or the group of people that will be eating the pizza. Hell, some people like pineapple or another fruit on their pizza. The veggies you put on a pizza are adaptable to what the people want. Flexible members have a more open mind, which allows the team to grow and improve.
Cook the Pizza
Energy! Along with a shared goal, measureable accountability, commitment, clearly defined roles and flexibility, you need to give the team energy. A cooked pizza is better for everyone. Energize your team and together, produce greatness. Motivate them! Inspire them! Create passion!
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