Engaged Employees = Permanent Productivity

It is quite obvious why having motivated employees at work is important; they have increased productivity and tend to enjoy their job more. In many companies, there comes a time where employees simply do not seem very motivated to work. There are many reasons for this, but all of them lead to poor job satisfaction, which will lead to less productivity, no improvement, and a lack of commitment to their job.
If we ask someone what motivates them to work, most of them will say money to take care of themselves and their family. But if they don’t enjoy the job, they will find money somewhere else. Here are few tips to keep your employees engaged daily.

Motivating Mornings

Be the Boss that comes in filled with energy. Do something crazy to wake up your employees. Make it enjoyable for them. Put them in an energetic mood to start the day. Filling your employees with POSITIVE ENERGY in the morning will give them momentum to start the day strong.
 In psychology, they call it Priming, which can be defined as, the exposure to one stimulus will influence the reaction to another. Starting the mornings off as energetic and positive will prime your employees to react to their work more energetically with a more positive attitude.

Glowing Goals with a Powerful Purpose

Make the objective of your employees’ work as clear as possible, as if it were glowing in front of them. Giving a clear goal will give your employees certainty. Giving certainty to your employees allows them to measure their goal, which creates a way for them to measure their own progress, so they can see what they are doing and how they are doing.
However, a clear goal is nothing without a reason why; a goal must be accompanied by a purpose. Giving certainty a purpose is where the drive to progress really increases. Achieving a goal brings a sense of achievement, which only lasts for so long. Unstoppable progress is created by a sense of fulfillment, which will come with a powerful purpose. Employees need to know that reaching their goal has a meaning and effect on something greater. Giving both, a GLOWING goal and a POWERFUL purpose, will keep the motivation going in your employees after their Motivating Morning.

Meaningful Mindfulness

We are talking about recognition. Be aware of your employees, not only what they are doing professionally at work, but also personally. Then, CONGRATULATE them. Congratulate them when they make progress, when they accomplish one of their goals. Felicitating your employees on the little things is also important. Being mindful of their progress shows support to what they are doing. When someone feels supported in what they do, they will continue advancing.

Outstanding Obstacles

Challenging your employees is important. You need to give them the opportunity to grow and develop themselves professionally. Once you are mindful of their progress and their abilities, you need to challenge them accordingly. Give them a challenge that compliments their strengths and something they like. Giving someone the OPPORTUNITY to better an area that they enjoy is literally talking to their interests. If they are interested, they will only want more.

Thankful Time Outs

Everybody needs a moment to recover and recollect their thoughts. Let them think about something that has nothing to do with work. Give them the opportunity to relax and feel GRATITUDE in order to refresh their mind to attack the next step. If your employees are doing non-stop work, it will only burn them out. Allow them to remember to be thankful for the things they have at work and in life.
Using these techniques will ultimately increase job satisfaction. Employees will want to work for you. They will be more productive. They will continue to improve, which increases productivity. In return, your organization will GROW!!

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