Effective Change – Personnel Before Processes

When it comes to organizational development, many companies tend to focus on changing processes and then incorporating change management so the changes work smoothly throughout the entire business. However, this process is too reactive, and frankly tends to take too long.

Before changing a process that seems to be a failure, I suggest improving your staff first for THREE reasons:

     Employee Involvement increases Motivation.

Potentiating employees’ skills gets them  involved, and involving employees will give them a greater sense of autonomy and competence in their work, both which are known to increase job performance. So, getting your personnel more involved will not o nly motivate them more, but also increase their job performance.

  Proximity is important.

The best people to solve a problem are the people that are closer to the problem. Staff tend to notice actual issues in processes because they actively use them all the time. If we better your employees, especially their confidence and creativity, it is very likely that they will not only, point out the problems, but also have at least an alternative to fix the problem.

     3 Agile Acceptance

Now that we have employees actively working close to a problematic situation or process, the solution is just around the corner. Not only does finding a solution become easier, but then your employees will be quicker to accept the change in the process because they played a part in the decision.

Personal and professional development of employees are essential to bettering a process. Developing your employees will not only give you a quicker and more knowledgeable solution, but also increase your employees’ job satisfaction, resulting in less resistance to change. Combining each aspect will lead to grand improvements in your business. Improvement equals Growth, which results in SUCCESS!

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