3 Benefits of Daily Recognition

Giving recognition is not just about giving someone an award once a year or once a month. Appraising others in the workplace should be a part of daily activities. As a manager or even coworker, once you begin to see and appreciate others’ strengths, things will get better and continue to improve. Here are three exceptional benefits to how giving recognition to others can be a powerful tool in job satisfaction, productivity, and innovation.

1      Self-Esteem

Giving recognition reminds others of their strengths. Bringing attention to one’s strengths will allow them to focus and appreciate their own abilities. They become more confident in their abilities. When someone has that positive focus, you see it in the work they do; it becomes of higher quality.

2      Importance

“Wow, they did see the good thing I did, I’m not invisible” is the thought or feeling that when somebody experiences recognition. It makes them feel important and needed in the organization. One gains a sense of pride. With pride, comes motivation to dream big and accomplish greater achievements. One is more productive.

3      Sense of Togetherness

People generally become more welcoming to others when they are recognized. They become more willing to work in a well-organized team. It gives them a greater sense of togetherness, and they become more open to ideas, which in return produces more creative, innovative thinking.
Remember: Recognition should not be an on-off activity; it must be a part of normal day-to-day processes. Recognize the strengths in others, tell them, and allow them to perform at their best possible self. They will be more fulfilled and so will you.

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